Trail ratings

Trail Ratings for Rockland Preserve:

Trail ratings at Rockland are in place to help users understand the level of challenge at each trail prior to beginning their ride.

Green circle is the easiest, meaning that there are the least obstacles on the primary course and the level of incline is not very steep.  It is suitable for all riders if they ride the main line, not the challenges that are slightly off-course.

Blue Square is intermediate, suitable for most riders along the primary course.  There tends to be more incline and tighter turns on the intermediate trails than beginner.

Single black diamond is slightly more challenging than blue square, but less challenging than double black.

Double black diamond trails are the most difficult relative to other trails and created for riders with a high degree of cycling ability.  They are typified by tight, steep climbs, quick descents, and rocky, challenging terrain.

Markings at Rockland are relative to each other and not based on what a specific might be at another park.  Double black at Rockland is likely not as challenging as even intermediate level trails at some downhill mountain bike locations.

double black explained