Working with Communities of Mountain Bikers

On Saturday, March 17, I spoke at the CT Land Conservation Conference.  I shared the story of the evolution of Rockland and its successes in land conservation, community engagement, problem-solving, and mountain biking. The presentation had its intended effect on getting some folks who have been hesitant to work with MTBers in the past to reconsider.   Some land managers invited conversations to start new trails, others encouraged to revitalize old partnerships.

29386461_10155041459652282_2664713412562386944_oIt was an honor to speak with land management and for NEMBA and Rockland Preserved to be welcomed at this outstanding event.  I encourage more conversations, and if the presentation: Working with Communities of Mountain Bikers: The Rockland Presrve Case Study helps, please share it on!

 Thank you to Joe, Spencer, Kim, Jon, Paula, and the great standing room audience at the event~


2 thoughts on “Working with Communities of Mountain Bikers

  1. Congratulations on the success at the park! As a resident of the town, I’m proud when my skiing/biking friends from other places talk about Rockland


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