Visiting Rockland Preserve

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Here’s what you need to know if you visit Rockland or Pisgah.

First thing you should know is that Rockland Preserve is not a commercial enterprise.  Rockland is a property owned and managed by the Town of Madison, CT, and the adjacent Northern Exposure trail on Pisgah Preserve is likewise municipally owned and managed by Durham.  It is the result of years of cooperation between the mountain bike community, including CCT NEMBA, the dedicated individuals that have built and maintain trails, the riders that frequent Rockland Preserve and respect “the code”, and management.  Rockland trail projects are completely funded by donations from gracious members of the community.  We insist on ethical rider behavior, such as wearing helmets, no night riding, riding only dry trails, and absolutely no motorized vehicles or e-bikes.

Navigating Rockland and Pisgah is different than many of the old school locations in CT.  Trails are built in stacked loops to help riders navigate trails.  Maps with location features are strategically placed around the common meeting points.  Trails are marked with colored arrows to guide through the loops, and differentiate between riding and hiking trails.  New riders should be confident that navigating Rockland is not daunting.

2 thoughts on “Visiting Rockland Preserve

  1. To All;

    Thanks to all for a Righteous Day, Ride, and Company. Your lineup is impressive; thanks for letting me drop in.

    Here’s to The Rockland Tribe!

    Frenchy 😎 🤙


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