Rockland Bike Camp Fall Sessions 2018

Rockland Bike Camp Summer 2018  

For Madison Residents and Nonresidents


Posted as Rockland Jr. Mountain Biking

or Beach and Rec at (203) 245-5623


Saturdays 10 AM-noon. Sundays will replace rainy saturdays.

Session 1:  9/15, 9/22, 9/29

Session 2:  10/13, 10/20, 10/27


Riders meet at Rockland Preserve to build mountain biking skills and fitness.  Coach Jason Engelhardt will guide riders through the singletrack and provide coaching to each participant.  Terrain is challenging, so some rider skill and a trail-worthy bike are necessary.  Riders need a helmet, water, and spare tube.  All rides begin at the Renee’s Way trailhead and end at the 79 lot for mostly downhill riding through the day.


Rides begin at 9 AM at Renee’s Way Trailhead.  Coaches lead riders through the singletrack trails and provide skills coaching to all participants.  Riders gain skill, learn to navigate the woods, and face problem solving challenges that require personal growth and teamwork.

Rides take place early in the day because Summer days tend to heat up in the afternoon.  Be prepared for the weather by bringing refreshments, both water and electrolyte drinks are recommended.  Snacks are important as well.

All riders must bring a trail-worthy bike that is in good condition and a helmet.  Many riders recommend water bags, gloves, and pedals that have grippy studs.

Medical information will be collected by Beach and Recreation, but specific health concerns should also be shared with the coach prior to camp starting.  

For whom:  

Ideal participants are boys and girls ages 10-15 that are strong bike riders and able to handle rugged, challenging terrain.  Some of the participants are involved in youth racing, but many are not.  Riders should have at least some experience riding on trails and should be excited to increase the length and challenge of their trail rides.  This is not for people who are afraid of the woods or that run from challenges.  However, this is not a course that is exclusively for expert riders.  ALL participants should come prepared to learn and collaborate with other young people with similar interests. Riding is a social, but individual sport and some of the greatest accomplishments are about more than riding.


Jason Engelhardt is the lead coach of this program.  He is a math teacher at Daniel Hand High School with many years of riding and leading young people in riding.  He is one of the designers of the Rockland trail system.


Each 3 ride session lasts one week and costs $75 for residents. Nonresidents pay slightly more.


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