About Singletracks of Rockland

Singletracks of Rockland are the bike trails that navigate the 650 acre Rockland Preserve in North Madison, CT.  I began building trails at Rockland with a small crew of volunteers in 2012.

Thanks to the help from a growing army of volunteers and the effort of trail legend Jon Petersen, Rockland is now a destination for cycling in CT.  It has has evolved from a short segment into 20 miles of connected loops with features that keep riders coming back.

These trails have changed me.  They have given me an appreciation for Rockland, and the way I look at land and my connection to it.  I have listened and learned from mentors, friends, critics, and strangers about how Rockland has changed.  I constantly reflect on the impact of these impressions on the ecology of the place.

I love riding Rockland, learning about Rockland, and sharing its richness.  I visit with my children to walk the trails, I stop by the lot just to meet visitors, I run camps with children to teach them to love cycling and adventure, and I encourage people to participate in stewardship of the preserve.

This blog will share my experiences at Rockland and the lessons I’ve learned along the ride.

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